Poros to Kilada

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 24 Oct 2018 09:30

48.  Poros to Kilada

1st October, 2018.


We had three nights on the quay in Poros after a lovely sail drying out the sails after the storm.  We caught up with old friends and enjoyed being back with familiar shops like the butchers and the ice cream shop.  We had little housekeeping chores like filling up with diesel from our favourite supplier. Poros always makes us feel at home.


4th October, 2018.


After breakfast we were soon on our way to Ermioni to see the Raymarine engineer.  We had a good sail for three quarters of the way then the wind changed and the sea started to become confused so on went the engine but we managed lunch on the way.  Luckily we found a spot inside the fisherman’s quay before six boats followed us in.  The other side of the quay was very uncomfortable and not a place to be as they were being pounded up against the wall.

As promised the gentleman arrived late afternoon and looked and said he would be back tomorrow morning with his testing equipment.  Having no electronics has been difficult but we have survived.

Lovely little shops in Ermioni and it even has a wool shop with a super selection of wools.  Jim of course likes the ice cream shop.


Friday 5th October, 2018.

Porto Heli

The engineer came at 11.57 a.m. as promised to be with us in the morning and after two hours declared the equipment as being unmendable as we have analogy and now the new equipment only uses digital.  His report goes to the insurance company and the problem has been taken away from us for a while.

Once he left Ariel we took up the anchor and let the lines go and headed for Porto Heli as the confused sea on the other side of the quay was splashing over the wall and our side was starting to be uncomfortable.

The sail out between the islands was great until we passed through the gap and the wind was gone and although Jim tried everything to get the sails to work but we were dead in the water. We motored into the little bay on the right as you go in and anchored with one other boat for the night.  We swam in the very warm water and enjoyed the very bright stars in our very dark bay.


Saturday 6th October, 2018.

We had thought we would stay in the little bay but the wind started to blow around 12 o’clock so we anchored off the quay so we could look at the current work on the new marina which has taken place while we have been away.  Pontoons have gone in and it looks very promising for next year but the pontoons are only on chains and it is looking as if it is being done on the cheap.


7th October, 2018.

The dogs barking all night is not fun but after a while sleep does take over. We woke to a bright sunny day and Jim swam before breakfast.  A large rib mini show was taking place from the shore and after an afternoon the day before of racing ribs we decided to move to Kilada sooner than later.

We managed to sail nearly all the way and had to give up just before the entrance.

It was lovely to be back in the familiar bay and see the boat yard but the hard work of dropping the sails and putting them away for the winter began.  So many jobs to do like hoist Jim up the mast to put the windy arm away.


8th October, 2018.

We were up early and ready for the lift.  We were called early and drove straight into the dock and very soon Ariel was on dry land for another winter. 

The cover who made the cover arrived and it took three visits before she gave us it all. A new sail was ordered added to our costs but when Ariel needs something she has to have it. All the wintering jobs got done and we were finished in time for a swim at our favourite beach in beautiful warm clear water and a super meal at our favourite restaurant.  Another season has come and gone and we have had some terrific moments but also some very scary ones but it is all the fun of living on a yacht for the summer.


10th October, 2018.

A good drive to Athens airport and luckily no cars driving down the motor way the wrong way this time.  Our flight was only a few minutes late leaving and it was a little bumpy but we arrived home safe and well.

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