40:14.30N 23:16.83E Nea Moudhania

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 2 Aug 2018 20:00

Wednesday 20th June, 2018.

Early start to cross from Koufos on the second finger to

round the headland on the first finger and work our way

up the west coast towards Thessaloniki.

We thought about going into Sani Marina to look as it

would be good to be able to hire a car and Ariel would

be safe while Lizzie and family are at Afytos in July.  It

looks a beautiful marina but unfortunately they have to

dredge it constantly and we may get in but we may have

a problem getting out again.  The marina looks quite

deserted because of the bar problem. Bill and Janet had

visited a couple of weeks before and they said it is a

super very modern marina but only had five yachts in

there. We couldn’t risk it so we sailed on to Nea


A harbour which has had EU money spent on it in the

last 10 to 15 years.  Unfortunately, the pontoon they had

put in was now in 4 pieces with huge gaps which you

have to jump to get from one to another.  No water or

electricity.  A catamaran and one yacht were perched in

the first two spots but there looked like a third available

space behind the yacht.  We slowly moved in and very

quickly we were tied up on this pontoon.  Not the best

place in the world but safe.  Unfortunately, the wall is

not high and the wind could whip the waves up and

they would gather speed over the harbour.  The

authorities need to use some of their rock they have in

Greece and make the wall higher.

Looking closer at the harbour broken lumps of concrete

under the surface and an old metal dinghy sunk under a

speed boat but we are safe for the night. Kids of all ages

wander up and down the broken pontoon with young

parents bringing their little ones down to the end of the

pontoon on their nightly walk. Crazy as it is such a

H&S problem. I wasn’t to happy when the lady from

the cat told me to keep all hatches closed as she saw rats

the night before. 

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