New problems on Ariel

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 22 May 2013 15:12

Wednesday, 22nd  May, 2013.


It was lovely to wake up quietly at anchor.  While we were pumping up the dinghy this morning and adding its new “Tony” cover to protect it from the sun when we spotted a lone turtle passing by.  It was covered in barnacles and appears very old just swimming below the surface.  It did return pass by a few minutes later on the other side of Ariel but Jim tried to talk to it and down it dived.


The painter made a lovely job of spraying the binnacles which the boat yard removed over the winter and replaced when the spraying job was done but unfortunately we have no brake on the wheel now.  So this afternoon we are going back into the launching dock and hopefully the mechanic is going to solve the problem.  It appears as if a washer or something is missing as the lock is not working as it is metal against metal and no gap. The chaps would have had to remove the brake to remove the binnacles so hopefully they  will have the answer later.


 Unfortunately, our engine starting battery has decided to pack up on us although it has been on mains power while we were in the boat yard. We are hoping the chandlery will have one in the shop which we can purchase today otherwise we will be jump starting for a few days while one is delivered from Athens!  Anything you need to purchase always has to be ordered and delivered from Athens.  It seems to be the standard answer to anything you want to buy as they appear to keep very little in the shops.

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