39:39.82N 19.52.45E Gouvia Marina, Corfe

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 21 Sep 2011 10:32

Monday, 19th September, 2011.


We were up early for the last leg of Graham’s journey with us.  Jim went ashore for fresh bread and croissants which were delicious.  We could see from the harbour that the journey across the channel to Corfu was going to be a little challenging.  We were seeing wind of 16 to 18 knots but Ariel being the yacht she is coped well.  Once across the open sea and into the cover of Corfu out came the fishing rod again.  The headsail was taken in, the main dropped and the headsail put out again to slow Ariel down for the fishing.  Unfortunately, not one bite but the boys enjoyed the thrill of perhaps catching the same poor tuna again with our tackle still in its mouth. We did see a very dead turtle unfortunately on our passage.

With the weather forecast showing much stronger winds and the first rain we would have seen June we made for our usual spot in Gouvia bay.  No problem about anchoring there but with Graham going to the airport we were going to get very wet in the dinghy just getting into the marina so Jim was on the radio to Gouvia marina requesting a berth.  The fire high in the hills was being bombed by the two water planes. According to the locals each water plane trip costs 800 euros a time to drop water on a fire.  The ship Lunar was in the bay.  She makes Ariel look like a very small baby yacht.

Thank goodness we did.  After a cup of tea, a swim in the marina swimming pool we were ready to leave for Corfu town for dinner on the way to the airport.  Just as the bus got close to the town centre the heavens opened.  By the time we were safely in the restaurant ordering dinner the thunder and lightning was crashing overhead.  It was so loud it made everyone jump.  Water was running everywhere in the streets.  Of course, the locals are thrilled as it has been so long since it rained in Corfu.  We made our way back to the town centre which was mostly in darkness as there was a power cut and waited for the airport bus which came along.  At the airport there was all so power problems with the restaurant in darkness but the landing lights were on.  There were crowds of people everywhere.  Many of the planes had been diverted or delayed as the thunder and lightning was still crashing overhead.  Luckily, Graham’s Easyjet flight was only 35 minutes late taking off by which time it had moved away.  There was lightning in the early hours and today being Tuesday it has not stopped raining.  We had intended on moving out of the marina but with the rain comes the wind gusts which would make it very uncomfortable out in the bay. 

We managed to get our hair cut and do some food shopping before the first down pour this morning.  The washing I did is safely on the line under the bimini.  It is suppose to dry up on Thursday and be back to a sunny and dry Corfu for the next few weeks just in time for our new visitors on Friday.

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