Naousa village

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 22 Jun 2019 14:52

Friday 21st June, 2019.

We took the dinghies to the little landing jetty and

waited for the little boat to arrive and we went over to

Naousa village as our friends wanted supermarket

shopping.  We stopped and had a coffee and cake at the

bakery where the cappuccinos were wonderful.  Shame

we hadn’t realised this before.  We watched the diver

free a charter yacht from a line and he was handed two

fifty euro notes in the water before they motored off. 

He was indeed busy as an older style super yacht had

done the same thing.   

We decided to get an earlier ferry back and have lunch

at the beach bar.  A beautifully walled terrace with

sunshades, seats, tables and a bar together with a bbq

and very clean loos which is always very welcomed.  

We thought the club sandwich sounded delicious so we

ordered three between six with the idea if they were

small we could always order something else.  We were

not disappointed as Jim and I only just managed to

finish our one. With food like this the bar deserves to do

well. The lady who seems to run the beach area is

constantly picking up cigarette ends and keeping it very

organised.  The sun beds are nicely spaced out and the

swim area is buoyed off with very pale blue water.  The

money from the beach bar and sunbeds goes towards

the upkeep of the natural reservoir with paths all

numbered to encourage visitors to enjoy the views and

walk the cliff paths.

Paros Island is a beautiful place to visit and it is not

surprising the worthy beautiful people are here.

Jim enjoyed another swim as the temperature is around

24.8 degrees now. 

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