37:18.86N 23:08.53E Porto Kheli

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 7 Jul 2013 10:10

28th June, 2013.


We tacked most of the way from Koiladhia to Porto Kheli around the four head lands .  The breeze was good and we enjoyed the quiet of not having the engine running.  We did not see any dolphins which was a disappointment for our visitors whereas Alison and Steve had seen several groups.


We anchored not far from the quay and enjoyed the quiet scenery.  Still the hotels do not seem very busy and only a handful of towels can be seen on the balconies.   The big hotel near the anchorage has now put in the water inflatable toys for the kids but so far not seen one person using the equipment.  Unfortunately, behind the hotel we can see what looks like a tent camp for displaced people which does not look very good from Ariel.  Hopefully these people don’t live like this in the winter.


We enjoyed a walk, drinks and a very nice meal before returning to Ariel for a lovely quiet and still night.

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