39:06.37N 23:9.65E Panormou

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 29 Jul 2018 20:15

12th June, 2018 Tuesday

Only a short journey from Loutriki harbour to the

beautiful bay of Panormou where we anchored and tied

back to the rocks. We swam and enjoyed the quietness

of the small bay where one or two yachts left during the

day and new arrivals picked their place and went

through the same process of tying back to the rocks as


We were surprised in the late afternoon to have a chap

we first met in Turkey recognize Ariel and swam over

to say hello.  It’s a small world!

13th June, 2018.

To our surprise Bill (CA member) on a new Jeanneau

which had just arrived swam over to ask us for drinks

on their boat which we accepted.  Shouldn’t look at new


We all got on very well so we went to one of the beach

taverna’s for dinner.  It was a lovely setting looking out

over the bay with the boats in the background and sand

between our toes when the heavens opened and we had

to rush inside.  No sign of any weather change when we

left the boat other than a big bang which could have

been a large firework not expecting it to be thunder and

lightning. The food was very nice and the company fun. 

The dinghy needed a little wiping out before we could

get in but at least the rain had stopped.

Another lovely day in paradise!!!!!!

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