43:22.54N 04:49.99E Port Napoleon

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 26 May 2010 07:42

43:22.54N    04:49.99E        Port Napoleon


Monday 24th May, 2010.


We left the Iles of Frioul for Port Napoleon to have the rig looked at.

As the wind was on the bow we motored along the coast and past the container ships waiting in the Golfe du Fos to be allowed into the dock for loading etc.

Along the Canal St. Louis up to the marina there were families fishing.  They appear to be staying in their camper vans, BBQ on the beach and just enjoying themselves.  We did see one little boy once we had moored on the hammerhead catch a fish and then he and his father packed up and went home! We found out later that this is a bank holiday for France.  We had travelled 23 very nice miles to Port Napoleon.

Port Napoleon is a huge port with facilities for all.  It has a dry storage area for 2,000 boats and many of the boat builders send their boats here for commissioning.  It is a very popular place for mast stepping and mast transport to Northern France or to re-step the mast after leaving the French canals.  The flats lands of the Rhone delta are on either side of Gulfe du Fos and the mistral can whistle down through the marina.


Tuesday 25th May, 2010.


Kevin English, the rigger is coming today, so we cycled into Port St. Louis early to get some provisions and met a couple from Lymington also on route to Sardinia along the French Riveria.  Small world!

Kevin duly arrived at lunch time and went up the mast. 

The mistral is howling through this afternoon, drying the washing. I found a washing machine in the marina, marvellous.

The sun is out and this is quite an interesting place to be.

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