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Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 29 Jul 2018 15:54

17th May, 2018.

Market day in Ermioni which is always a very welcome sight.  Lots of small stalls selling beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables.  Oranges can be bought in large sacks for juicing, large sweet strawberries in punnets or sold in kilos, apricots an amazing orange colour and so many other fruits available. The potatoes look like they have been dug up that morning. Wine sold by the plastic bottle and very drinkable and every grade or variety of olive you could imagine. There are clothes, towels, sheets etc. but as you can imagine we came away with two heavy bags of fruit and vegetables none to be wasted.

Our friends Brian and Mari are waiting for us on Poros quay so with no time to waste we left the harbour and motored out into the bay.  There was a little breeze so up went the sail and we were on our way to a little bay on the island of Dhokos for a swim in very clear water.

It was slightly chilly but very refreshing.

It was great to see Mari and Brian on the quay waiting to take our lines.  Another problem being after motor sailing for a few hours we had no hot water.  Help we need an engineer and with thanks to Spiris a man appeared.  He spoke fairly good English and explained to Jim that the antifreeze in the engine which Jeanneau had put in was too thick for the Mediterranean and with it sitting for two years it had gone like jelly in the engine pipes and now needed to be cleared out by blowing through them.  He was with us for 20 minutes and off he went with his 60 euros confident that this had done the job.  No such luck still no hot water. Jim and Brian managed to do the whole process again the next day and used the dinghy electric pump to blow through the pipes and out came lots of muck. Hot water at last.

It was good to be back in Poros to eat at the Posidon restaurant with our good friends.

It was not comfortable on the quay so after two nights we decided to return to Ermioni to wait for our Lymington friends Tricia and Clive to arrive from England.


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