37:34.44N 24:16.13E Kea Island Vourkari Bay

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 29 Jul 2018 16:12

3rd June, 2018 Sunday

By 8.15 a.m. we had slipped our lines and were on our

way to Kea having waved to our friends on their way to

Kithnos. The wind and tide meant we were tacking and

motor sailing nearly all the 53.38 k. miles. Jim turned

off the engine as much as he could and we had long

spells of sailing but the water rushing down off the side

of  Evia presented a challenge.

We anchored opposite the taverns as the quay was full

of charter boats and ribs.  The evening was very

pleasant and around 8 o’clock the rib riders started their

engines and there was a mass exodus all heading

towards Athens. Kea is a beautiful little island and is

known as the hidden pearl of the Aegean retaining

much of its rural charm and is very popular with

walkers. Many Athenians escape to Kea at weekends to

get away from the smog of the city.

In the Kea Channel there is the remains of the sister

ship of Titanic which was originally named Gigantic

but was renamed after the Titanic disaster to Britannic.

Launched in 1914 she struck a mine while serving as a

hospital ship on the 21st November, 1916.  She was

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