38:42.12N 20:42.73E Nidri, Levkas

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Fri 2 Sep 2011 18:33

Tuesday, 30th August, 2011.


We left Kalamos harbour, the anchor came up without any problems and no one had crossed over our chain and headed around the bay into Port Leone for a swim.


The village was destroyed in the 1953 earthquake and was not rebuilt as the water supply was destroyed.  The church is maintained and every weekend a number of people clean the church and a small service is held.   The water was unbelievable clear and even with 8 metres under the keel we could see the sea bed.  We spent a little time here and just enjoyed the scenery.  Once we decided to leave, the main went up in the little bay before we headed out into the channel where the wind was blowing very nicely for racing.  The boys had a great time trimming the sails until we started to near Meganisi where the wind just died.  Jim tried all sorts of things with the sails but to no available.  We just had to put on the motor!!!


Tranquil Bay was quite full with a lot of British boats but we found a space and let her settle before we headed off in baby Ariel for a cold beer and some shopping for dinner.  The night was very quiet but hot.

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