Vathi Sunday 19th May, 2019.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Mon 20 May 2019 19:26

We left around 9 for Vathi breakfasting on porridge as

we motored along. A very cloudy start to the day with

not a spot of blue anywhere.  We stopped in a little bay

and said good morning to Pat and Dave on Boehme

before managing to sail quite a few miles before the

wind did 180 degrees and suddenly we were becalmed.

Several fishing boats were out motoring up and down

and every now and again a shout went up and a fishing

boat would change direction probably having found a

shoal of fish.

Vathi is a very small harbour and we were pleased to

see there were only a few boats on the quay and

differently a place for us. As quickly as we tied up

another two boats appeared and most of the spaces were

gone.  We covered 17.5 miles from Poros quay to Vathi

small harbour.  The water temperature is 20.7 degrees.

I haven’t been here for five years and not a lot has

changed.  The buildings which were having work done

are still being worked on.  The two main restaurants are

busy with Sunday afternoon trade therefore no one

came to help which is unusual as the restaurants are

usually bidding for your trade.

This is somewhere to walk along the beach and stop and

have a beer at one of the taverns’ on the way.

Thank goodness the sun appeared around 3 p.m. and

everywhere has taken on a different look and it looks

like summer!!!!!    

An octopus appeared walking along the wall trying to

catch crabs.  It was a first for us to see one so close to

Ariel.  We are use to the Greeks catching them off the

wall and thrashing them to death but we couldn’t kill

one.  It is a different matter when it is served on a


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