37:22:15N 23:14:93E Ermioni

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 29 Jul 2018 15:58


20th May, 2018 Sunday.


We had a good sail up to Ermioni and saw 2 dolphins

on the way which were Atlantic stripy ones which are

unusual for the area.  The wind came and went but we

soon arrived on the south quay for our first time.  A

super Greek bar owner comes and takes your lines and

welcomes you.  Mari and Brian were there first and

introduced us to the very cold beers and free plate of

fresh sardines which just hit the spot for taste.

Jim and Brian borrowed a car and went to the boat yard

to pick up the toilet washer Jim had ordered and had

delivered to Clive and Trisha.  It gave them a chance to

visit Lidi’s for beer.

We swam, walked,  ate and generally enjoyed ourselves

until the weather forecast gave concerns of wind to

come which would rush into the bay.  Time to be off

back to the protection of Poros. 

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