43:22.07N 08:23.798W La Coruna

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 9 Jul 2009 18:26

43:22.07N   08:23.798W        La Coruna



6th July, 2009.


We arrived in La Coruna after a 13 hour sail from Vivero.  We covered 74.48 miles often frustrated by the wind on the nose and a very sloppy sea.  Soon after we started off the heavens opened but the rain did stop after approximately half an hour.  We tacked several times during the day with the strong tides all ways against us.  We had at one time decided to cut our journey and go into Cedeira but as we neared Cedeira the day improved and the vote was to carry on to La Coruna just in case the weather deteriorated the following day. We could then have two days to sight see and enjoy ourselves without any worries.

La Coruna is a large town and has a very busy night life which we discovered as we went for a late night walk.  Restaurants with outside seating appeared to be very popular even as it neared midnight.  La Coruna is known as the crystal city because of its many glazed balconies.


7th July, 2009.

We rose late as we were all tired from the day before and decided after breakfast we would make straight for the Information Centre so we could make the most of La Coruna and see as much as possible.  A very good move as the girl at the Centre spoke very good English and supplied us with a map highlighting all the good points.  We decided to have an early lunch at one of the restaurants Jim took a fancy last night where the hams are hung up high over your head.  We counted 240 hams hanging from the ceiling.  Ham and cheese freshly sliced, chorizo sausage, fresh bread with tomato and oil all washed down with a very nice white wine was the call for lunch.

We took the tram on the journey around the promenade from the marina, past the Torre de Hercules, allegedly the world’s oldest lighthouse to still be in use the base dating back to Roman times. The tram continued on around to the beach area.  Many people were enjoying the beach and swimming in the sea.  Jim had checked the water temperature on Ariel and it was 19.5ºC which is not that warm to me.

We then walked along the coast road to the cliff lift. The lift only goes up on the ¼ past and ¼ to the hour.  It takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes to the top and the operator is a young girl who works the computer.  At each end there is an armed officer with a baton and handcuffs and each time the girl leaves the lift he has to stand inside the lift.  We found it amazing when we were the only ones riding the lift there was so much security. Must be the best job going being the lift attendant. Boring as can be for the two chaps on security.


The gardens are the top were very nice.  There was a children’s play area, a large maze, flower beds, marvellous coastal views, several old coastal defence guns capable of shooting 17 km’s brought from a factory in Sheffield in 1929 by the town of La Coruna to protect the town and a small museum which was not open.

We wandered down to the town and passed several monuments on the way. Everyone appears to live in flats here and there are lots of beautiful gardens and play areas for everyone to enjoy.  Jackie and I were very taken with the shops but we were kept being moved on by the husbands!!!!

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