Ascension Island to the Azores Day 17 – Hot bunking with a hamster

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 8 Mar 2017 04:44
Position                23:25.17 N 031:07.92 W
Date                     2359 (UTC) Tuesday 07 March 2017
Distance run          in 24hrs 150nm over the ground, 146nm through the water
Passage total         2,295nm over the ground, 2,208nm through the water
Distance to go       904nm      This is now the direct distance to our destination and  not the distance that will be travelled
Planned distance    Ascension to the Azores west around the high 3,666nm
According to the weather information, we have until 1200 tomorrow before the wind dies and we fall into a trough when the wind becomes light and variable.  Today the continuing good conditions with easing seas  have enabled us to cover distance whilst maintaining our course directly towards our destination.  The wind decreased around 1800 allowing us to take out the remaining reefs.  They were back in  for two hours before midnight when the wind got up again.  Two ships were sighted today, one going to Brazil and the other to Trinidad.
Hot bunking will be familiar to sailors and other watch keepers.  For those of a delicate persuasion let me explain that this term involves two people sharing a bunk but not at the same time.  On Caduceus we have a good sea berth in the aft cabin which keeps the off duty watch well away from the activity of the watch on deck and below.  Held secure by lee cloths, we sleep using whichever side of the main berth the heel of the boat dictates,  Such sharing with the Mate is like sharing with a hamster.  Day by day the treasures that are stored around the diminishing sleeping area grows with pillow, cushions, eye masks, water bottles and all of the paraphernalia, apparently essential for sleeping, increases.  Roll on, or more appropriately roll off, a change from starboard to port tack when some of this detritus may disappear over the edge.  In the interest of marital harmony a photograph is not included. 
The somewhat easier conditions today allowed the creation of a chicken curry from ingredients to save our diminishing supply of pre-prepared meals.