Day three

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 27 Jul 2007 12:38
Run to 1100 UTC+1 128nm. 045deg13.6N 004.57.5W.

We had a very boucey trip across the continental shelf yesterday with swells
of 3-4m from the west and a wave set from the SW which resulted in some
large random holes to sail in and out of.

1200 Friday we are sailing in brilliant sunshine, the only continuing
difficulty is that for the third day the wind resolutely refuses to move out
of the SW, exactly to where we wish to go.

Skipper and crew have both managed to get some really good sleep in and as a
result of that and a decent warm shower are feeling remarkably human.

We are starting to get a better grip on the electronics. A combination of
ARPA on the radar and AIS have been remarkable, to a novice at these things,
in tracking what is going on in the surrounding area, especially at night.

Pride of Bilbao passed us en route to Spain last night, but at 10nm!

ETA La Coruna still very variable and dependant on any shift of wind to the