Trois Islets - Not tonight Josephine?

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 12 Feb 2011 18:00

Position           14:32.74N 61:02.40W

Date                1800 – 12 February 2011


Trois Islets’ claim to fame in addition to being a very attractive small town and day trip destination is to be the birthplace of the Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon.  Her father was the owner of a sugar plantation that is now a museum in her memory.


Well it may be in Trois Islet if you have a motor car; we are getting very used to coping without the use of one so made the 3,6km journey ‘en pied’ as they say. 


Due to a fire and relative poverty the family lived in the upper part of the mill, now a well preserved ruin.



Beautiful gardens and a visitors centre now occupy what was the central yard of a working slave laboured sugar plantation.



The museum is housed in the old kitchen looking remarkably as if it had just been plucked from the Normandy countryside.



Returning to Trois Islet we were unable to get access to the church where Josephine’s mother is buried.