To Pulau Banta and a quiet anchorage

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 28 Oct 2015 17:00

Position           08:26.03 S 119:18.19 E

Date                1700 (UTC+8) Wednesday 28 October 2015

Trip total         In 2hrs 11nm over the ground, 10nm through the water

Arrived at        Pulau Banta Island, Indonesia


Batu Montjo provided some good snorkelling over beautiful coral with an interesting population of fish including what we think are Dusky Bar Fish, last seen by us in the Seychelles.  Being on the main island of Komodo any thought of gong ashore to stretch our legs was dissuaded by distinct dragon tracks on the beach.


We did our best to sail but as we encountered a south going, ebb tide current of up to 5 knots on the beam motoring was required to avoid being flushed down stream.  The pilot book warns that approaching the island of Pulau Banta strong currents may be encountered.  Fortunately we had wind and tide together but the result was still some vigorous swirling water, fortunately with a depth of over 100 meters



Heading into Pulau Banta and what appears to be a caldera


The anchorage of Pulau Banta as just what we were looking for with great protection and no swell, at least with the prevailing conditions.  When we leave it will be necessary to time our departure to coincide with a north going current which conveniently is a morning occurrence at the present time.