41:22.31N 8:45.88W Tuesday 14 September Povoa da Varzim, Porto

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 14 Sep 2010 12:49

We are still in Povoa da Varzim and thought that we might move on today but wind there is not! So tomorrow it is – today we finish off jobs, sit in the shade and have a cycle this afternoon when the heat drops off.


On Friday we three, M, E and Andrew, had a day out in Porto.  An excellent and inexpensive Metro takes you into the centre and the same ticket covers buses, trams and a funicular.  Given the fact that Porto is built around a gorge this save a deal of uphill walking – not a sailors favourite occupation.  We walked downhill through the city and took a bus to the far bank



Took a little lunch


 and visited Crofts to sample port and of course purchase a souvenir or two. 


I was indulged with a ride around the city in a tram.



Andrew, having in his inimitable style made a friend of Eduardo the owner of the marina restaurant, and it being his “last night” with us insisted against very weak opposition that we returned to Chez Eduardo for dinner.  Menu choice is easy – Eduardo chooses for you including the wine.  Not disappointing and not expensive.  A speciality of the house are G&T’s.  How limited is (was) our knowledge of the subject.  Try adding crushed basil leaves and rosemary, for example.


Andrew left us early on Saturday morning to return to the UK and we have spent the last few days recovering.