Out of Port Vila to Survivor Bay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 3 Jun 2015 16:20

Position           17:39.48 S 168:11.21 E

Date                1720 (UTC+11) Wednesday 3 June 2015

Distance run    15nm over the ground, 16nm through the water


Wednesday morning was taken up with a last-minute sprint to the market for supplies and a trip to the TVL offices to make sure that our phone could act as a G2 hotspot for data when we could get a suitable signal.  All completed it was of course now lunchtime and we had to wait for the return from ‘refreshment to labour’ before we could move to the fuel dock, it being essential that we left Port Vila with a full tank.


All done, it was out of Port Vila hang a right and with just a small amount of diesel to help us on the downwind leg we dropped anchor in Survivor Bay just before it went dark.  A result for all sorts of reasons.


We sat out a couple of days at this anchorage as we generally recovered from our exertions in Port Vila and tried to put a small amount of organisation into the boat.  I think that the 1st objective was possibly rather more achieved than the 2nd; however providing that we are on a starboard tack nothing should shift about too much.