Leg 3 - Marquesas Day 14 - Yes we have no bananas

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 17 Mar 2014 02:50

Position           09:25.65S 129:32.10W

Date                1200 (Central American Time) Sunday 16 March 2014


Distance run - 159nm over the ground, 143nm through the water

                        Distance (OG) covered from start 2,413nm

                        Distance to destination 561nm

                        Original distance to Marquesas (straight line) 2,962nm


Well, the last 24 hours have been not particularly spectacular and we may be thankful for that.  We have been passing through a steady stream of belts of rain squalls, a number if which have been heavy enough to wash off some of the accumulated salt.  With the winds fluctuating from 8 to 25 knots we are pleased only to have sails out that are easy to regulate, furling the main in particular as the wind goes aft and putting it back out as the wind moves forward and it can draw without masking the genoa.


Towards noon the wind eventually seemed to make its mind up and move far enough aft to make putting up the bearing out pole a worthwhile exercise.


The genoa bearing out pole – this piece of equipment is great when it is up.  However, in sorting out the lines that hold it in position, forward and aft guys, a topping lift and two downhauls, plus getting the working genoa sheet the correct side of that lot, it demonstrates a malevolence that is difficult to ascribe to an inanimate object.  If it can tangle or get caught on something it will and if there is the possibility of getting one line rapped around another it happens.  However eventually it gives in and is tamed and the genoa is much happier in the rolling seas with the additional support.


We both seem to be rather tired today.  The increasing rolling motion tends to disturb sleep and reduce the restorative effect of rest.  However morale remains high and the destination is a manageable distance.  We have dropped back in fleet position a little and that is a reflection on our somewhat more conservative approach to the sails we fly, especially overnight and given our huge crew.


The really significant event of the day was the demise of our last four bananas.  Even the Mate declined to make a cake with them.  The remains, in a state of advanced ripeness, were regretfully consigned to the deep in a moving and sincere ceremony.