Leg 3 - Marquesas Day 6 - Black and White

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 9 Mar 2014 00:34

Position           05:54.61S 106:22.03W

Date                1200 (Central American Time) Saturday 8 March 2014


Distance run - 183nm over the ground, 171nm through the water

                        Distance (OG) covered from start 1,027nm

                        Distance to destination 1,955nm

                        Original distance to Marquesas (straight line) 2,962nm


Black and white, bad and good in that order.  Yesterday midday to midnight the wind went very light and variable and we were immersed in drizzle dispersed with tropical down pours.  The Mate said that it reminded her of holidays in North Wales.  My recollection of such events that they were a lot colder and the tide was permanently out.


Just after midnight everything changed, the wind returned from the south south east at 17 knots and we were off again with all sails flying.  We had a smaller crop of squid on deck this morning and a wide variety of different sizes of flying fish.


Dinner was a beef casserole with some excellent small new potatoes purchased in Santa Cruz.  Banana eating is becoming a race against time as they all ripen together in the usual fashion.  We speculate what is happening on the yacht Polaris as they had a compete stalk (hand?) hanging from their stern arch and there are only three on board.