Out of the Yacht Haven at last and to Ko Ku Du Yai

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 30 Jan 2016 16:05

Position           08:11.86 N 098:38.07 E

Date                 16:05 (UTC+7) Saturday 30 January 2016

Distance run    23.0nm over the ground


Eventually there could be no more procrastinating and we slipped out of the Yacht Haven heading for an anchorage that we had missed on our first jaunt around the bay, Ko Ku Du Yai.  There we could anchor between two Hong Islands.  The potential problem was the shallow water to the north of Ko Yai Noi.  In the event on a fairly full tide we did not see less than 2.5 metres under the keel; a little like cruising the Bahamas but without the water clarity


The chart shows our various tracks around the area with previous visits to Ko Roi.  The shallow water is to the south and west of Ko Batang


At anchor in the cut at Ko Ku Du Yai