Peros Banhos - An update on the anchorages

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 25 Apr 2016 03:02

Date                 Saturday 23 April 2016


The previous diary entry showed the designated anchorage areas for the Peros Banhos Atoll.  These were taken from the document titled “ORDINANCE 6 OF 2006 - VISITORS AND VISTING VESSELS ORDINANCE 2006” issued with our BIOT cruising permit.  I have subsequently found an updated version of these areas in the BIOT document “Guidance for Vistors” and these are shown on the following two charts.  They make a lot more sense than the original areas which were more suited to anchoring a warship. 


The anchorage at Ile Diamant.

The designated anchorage area is to the North West of a line joining the two black circles


The anchorages at Ile Coin and Ile Fouchaut

South West and South respectively of lines joining the black circles


Correction - A sand bank does not join Ile Coin to Ile Anglais at low water.