Day 7-8 with Alice and Stuart - Enjoying Viani Bay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:20

Date                Monday and Tuesday 14-15 July 2014


We celebrated our arrival in Viani Bay with vodka martini cocktails and dinner, plus ça change.  Son, Andrew had requested a family group photograph



and Rodney obliged – yes they were strong Martinis.




The following day the crews from the other Amel’s joined us and under Jack’s expert guidance we anchored on the inner side of the reef close to some excellent snorkelling sites.  One of the specialities of the reef were these huge “sea cabbage” corals, quite unlike anything we had seen before.



Just to prove that we did get in the water.  Rodney did not take this one.

It being Bastille Day we flew a French flag for our neighbours and played them the Marseillaise.  In the evening we were invited aboard for a Bastille Day celebration and were royally looked after, despite a potential hangover we did keep our heads.


The following day the weather was rather windier and whilst we did try a dive it was not a success and we called off the venture.


The famous Jack Fisher, a truly delightful character


The village had a school and we were amused to see the school bus.  The US coastguards would have liked this one – spot the buoyancy aid.