Hillsborough - Carriacou - Grenada

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 10 Jan 2011 16:00

Position           12:29.15N 61:27.58W

Date                1600 - 10 January 2011


This was our major push north for the week and with the wind blowing from the north east it was a motor sail and a slog up the leeward, west, side of Grenada, leaving the exclusion zone surrounding the active underwater volcano, Kicking Jenny, to port and then onto the island of Carriacou and the town of Hillsborough.  The compensation for all of this is wonderful scenery and a certain amount of Stugeron to keep the scenery in place!


Hillsborough is one of the places where you can clear out of Grenada so it was a rapid launch of the dinghy and run ashore to catch the customs and immigration offices before they closed at 1600.


We had a very late lunch, tea? In a great little eatery found after some searching by Elizabeth and Janet whilst George and I grappled with the ever charming but pedantic bureaucracy.



The restaurant is just above the beach in the middle of the photograph, taken later from the boat.   Jerk chicken with a variety of local vegetables and rice was the menu, simple, good and very inexpensive.  The view out over the bay was great.  Caduceus is to the right of the tree.