Day 3 - Passage to the Canaries

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 25 Oct 2010 12:30

Position           32:56.67N 009:47.17W

Date                1200 UTC Monday 25 October 2010


Definitely a better 24 hours with a 24hr run of 145nm and distance from Gibraltar now 297nm.


We took the cruising chute down for the night and for the first few hours worked well under genoa, staysail, main and mizzen.  The wind then went light and veered to put us on a dead run which made for slow and uncomfortable sailing.  One of the issues with double handing is that for safety it is better to stick with the sail plan that you have rather than trying to do changes out of the cockpit in the dark, unless you really have to. 


At watch change at 0930 (UTC + 2), which here abouts is not long after dawn, we put the cruising chute back up and after some fun gybing it the wind sorted itself out and filled in nicely so we are back doing a very nice 7 – 8 knots with a following sea – could this be trade wind sailing?


Dinner was marked last night by a distinct amount of slopping about – the boat that is not us.  Simple being best in this instance the freezer was raided and lo and behold some Buntings Cornish Pasties, frozen uncooked, emerged after 45 mins in the Remoska went down very well with baked beans - Dean and Paul, any chance of a delivery in Las Palmas?


(Remoska - source Lakeland Plastics – an excellent pan with a low wattage (640w) heating lid that can act as an oven for roasting and baking, for warming things up and for simmering.  It is very simple and effective and gets daily use.)