48:35.03N 5:09.26W 08:00 Sunday 11 July 2010 Rounding Ushant

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:30

08:00 saw us passed the M25 type traffic lanes and into the Inshore Traffic Zone off the Ilet d’Ouessant (Ushant).  We were able sail properly for the balance of the night and early morning when the wind suddenly veered to the NW as forecast.


We both ended up rather tired due to the amount of concentration required to avoid the shipping and fishing boats.


By 08:00 as we passed Ushant it died away to nothing.




Looking at our timing for arrival at La Rochelle by am of 14 July, we have altered our course slightly to the east to give us the option of spending a day at anchor at the south of Belle-Ile if the wind picks up and we can make suitable progress.


Lunch was followed by another dolphin sighting, this time a very large pod but mostly at a distance.  They were obviously busy on other things.