Biscay Triangle Leg 2 Day 2 - 0800

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 30 Jul 2008 06:45
Day 1 provided steady broad reaching conditions in bright sunshine. A big
difference to the trip down. The conditions with 10-15 knots of true wind
aft the beam allowed playing firstly with rigging the pole and flying the
genoa and Gennaker and then as the wind stabilised gennekar, main and mizzen
staysail. We reduced sail for the night and found a comfortable compromise
of genoa and mizzen, the main dropping 1 knot off the speed.

At last we have sightings of porpoise and a first for us of a pod of 7 pilot

Dawn day 2 continued the gentle reach under genoa, mizzen staysail and
mizzen giving 6-6.5 knots.