Manchioneel Bay Little Jost van Dyke again

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 27 Apr 2011 14:20

Position           18:27.15N 64:42.84W

Date                1520 – 27 April 2011


We spent most of the day in White Bay entertained by the comings and goings of the charter yachts.  Oh such superiority we feel when only a few years ago it was our antics that were attracting the condescending looks of the live aboard cruisers.


We also fitted in a strenuous snorkelling trip across the east end of the reef, taking the dinghy to the nearest beach.


The wind being some 20 knots and us being in only 3 metres of water meant that we were snatching at our anchor so in the late afternoon we decided to move back to Manchoneel bay to try and find some respite which is what we did. 


We took a quick look at East End Harbour where the restaurant Foxy’s Taboo, run by the eponymous Foxy’s daughter, is situated.  Most of the good anchoring room is taken up by buoys and as we did not wish to either eat ashore or take a buoy it was back to our familiar anchorage where the wind continued to blow but the sea was more settled.