Belle Ile Sauzon and Houat

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 7 Aug 2007 13:55

This shot appeared to be missed from the last entry so will try again



Alice left us on Sunday afternoon  to travel back to the UK.  French public transport from ojr recent experience appears to be efficient and reliable.  Bus to Auray, train to Nantes and taxi to the airport.  Before she left we managed to get all of the crew into team shirts at the same time for a photo shoot.



The last night, Sunday, in La Trinite was spent as a group in yet another excellent restaurant – L’Azimut, in case you get to La Trinite – and this was serious French cooking, a real treat.  We ended up with everyone back on board for a nightcap which brought the stay to a very pleasant end.


Leaving the marina on Monday was a great deal easier than entering it, although the careful choice of high water with no current may have helped somewhat.


Monday night was spent on a mooring outside the very attractive harbour of Sauzon on Belle Ile and today, Tuesday we motored, due to lack of wind, the short distance to Houat where this time we will make it ashore.