Biathlon to Lamap

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 20 Jun 2015 22:59

Date                Friday 19 June 2015


As in two sporting events in one – assault beach landing and yomp under pressure (cooker).



Chart showing our route from Uliveo via the beach landing to Lamap.  Also shown are Awei and Avokh


We have been carrying a large pressure cooker / autoclave on behalf of the Butterfly Trust that was destined for sterilising dental instruments at the Lamap Health Centre.  As alternate Fridays are pay day and the nearest bank is in Lamap we decided to go with the crowd.  We were able to take the dispensary boat in exchange for payment for the fuel which seemed like a good deal.


We are getting to learn that you add at least 30 minutes to any time given for a pick up.  It was therefore 0830 and not 0800 when we set off for the 4 mile boat trip to the landing beach used by all of the local boats making trips for Lamap.  The outward trip was relatively dry as we were going downwind.  Getting through the gap in the reef to the Sakal landing beach could be described as wet and exciting.


De-bussing at the Sakal landing beach.  Later there were 10 boats lined up, so we were early


It is usual for the boats to be met by trucks to carry people the 7 km to Lamap. Unfortunately all trucks were broken so we yomped with the pressure cooker.  Did you know that pressure cookers increase in weight with time and motion.  However the objective was successfully reached.



The Health Centre / Mini Hospital in Lamap is a substantial affair left over from the French administration before independence



Elizabeth meeting Nurse Lydia and Aid Worker Helen in the Lamap Health Centre




Friday appears to be the day for being in Lamap as it is government worker pay day.  The derelict building on the left was the colonial era police station.



The lady on the left is Bambae’s sister and the pig is hers, bought for breeding.  We shared the truck back to the boat with ten people and the pig.  Better than walking


Suffice it to say that the trip back was into the wind and hence wet.  At least we did not have to go outside the main reefs this time.