Sight seeing from Liberty Marina and sitting out a gale

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 18 Sep 2012 22:59

Date                Tuesday 18 September 2012


We certainly got the days and the weather the right way around as getting into New York today by yacht would have been dismal as there was rain and gale force winds.  It did not stop our ability however to take the ferry from the marina over to Manhattan.  The first stop was to acquire tickets for Ground Zero and visit the memorial site.


The New World Trade Centre Towers rising from the ashes.


The south pool, one of two large pool set in the footprint of the original towers and forming the core of the Memorial Site


The Memorial Tree, a survivor from the original park


We managed to get tickets for Evita from the TKTS last minute both in Times Square


Before taking the Metro down to the bottom of Fifth Avenue and having a very late lunch, tea at the Restaurant Otto which is close to the Washington Centenary Memorial


We managed a trip to the top of the Marriott Hotel, the theatre being on the third floor.  The view from the 48th floor bar was stunning and so were the price of drinks so we slummed it back on the 8th which was better for Andrew’s wallet and my vertigo.


Evita was wonderful.  I could not get my camera out quickly enough to get the curtain call but the set is a good reminder.