Leg 3 - Marquesas Day 18 - We have arrived

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 20 Mar 2014 18:45

Position           09:48.20S 139:01.88W

Date                2030 (Central American Time) Wednesday 19 March 2014


Distance run - 60nm over the ground, 57nm through the water since noon

                        Distance (OG) covered from start 2,977nm

                        Distance through the water from start 2779

                        Distance to destination 0nm and 2nm after that into harbour

                        Original distance to Marquesas (straight line) 2,962nm


Tahauku, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia


Well we got here and in daylight.  The anchor went down at 2030 (Rally time) which was 1700 local (GMT/UTC -9hrs 30mins).  To arrive in the dark would have been to miss an extremely dramatic, in the sense of scenery, and beautiful arrival.  The sight was helped by rain squalls and clouds that set the scenery off to perfection.  Photographs cannot do justice to the real thing, but I will try.


The entry to Tahauku, Hiva Oa


The pilot guide says that the anchorage is restricted by the ship turning area and can take 12 to 14 boats.  Well it certainly is cosy but with the aid of stern anchors a large number of yachts seem to fit into a very small space.  It has been an enjoyable passage but it is ever so good to stop.


Earlier arrivals were off to a restaurant but we were happy to share a Martini and a bottle of champagne, we still have some UK stock carefully preserved, followed by linguini in a lobster sauce.

Sunset over the anchorage at Tahauku, Hiva Oa


The pipes were played at sunset in celebration.