Ilha da Culatra

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 3 Oct 2010 18:19

Position           37:00.01N 7:50.36W

Date                Sunday 3 October 2010         


We woke to a not particularly good weather forecast that inferred that the wind was going to blow straight between the harbour breakwaters into our otherwise sheltered anchorage at Portimão.  The shore forecast provided a diet of overcast conditions with the possibility of rain later – but at least the rain would be warm.


The decision was made therefore to get out before life became uncomfortable and to make the next leg past the flesh pots of Albufeira and Vilamoura to a sheltered anchorage south of Faro and Olhao but inside the Ilha da Culatra; some 38nm.


We enjoyed an excellent sail, the indifferent weather not really setting in until we were lined up to enter the breakwaters marking the entrance to the channels leading to Faro and Olhao and our anchorage north of the Ilha da Culatra.


By the time we reached the anchorage it was blowing 20+ knots and starting to rain. On a grey day there is a distinct feel of the River Crouch about the surroundings which are very low lying.  The anchorage is however sheltered from any swell and we are well dug in for the night and we can see a sandy beach.


Bill and Ben, our two wind generators are in their element and happily singing to each other. The solar panels, other wise known as Little Weed, are not getting much of a look in:


(Sorry to all younger readers, you have to be at least 55 years old to appreciate this; possibly I am loosing the plot?)


The WiFi booster is performing very well and we are picking up the Olhao Marina  connection some 1.5nm away.