Heading South - an overnight stop at Phi Phi Li

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 1 Feb 2016 16:45

Position           07:40.84 N 098:45.88 E

Date                 16:45 (UTC+7) Monday 1 February 2016

Distance run    29.0nm over the ground


We moved across to Ao Chalong and anchored conveniently for a relatively short dinghy trip across to the pier where the Port Captain, Customs and Immigration are conveniently co-located.  Formalities completed we found the fuel barge – when we arrived we could not spot it because they had nipped off to refill themselves.  We have not taken on fuel since Singapore and using up our Thai currency to add 150 litres was a sure fire way of not getting caught short before Langkawi.  We do like diesel at £0.l4 per litre.


Heading off from Ao Chalong we made Ko Phi Phi Li a little earlier than before but were able to pick up a mooring from one of the departing tripper boats.


Rather than have another photograph of Phi Phi Li, have a look at a Thai Longtail motor.  The motors come in all sizes up to V8, especially on the river in Bangkok.  Silencers are optional.  The din from an unsilenced motor is unbelievable.


A marvel of local engineering