42:27.53N 8:54.88W Friday 6 August 2010 Ria de Arosa, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 7 Aug 2010 10:25

Another milestone passed – Elizabeth gave me my first haircut.  I still have two ears, some hair (everything is relative) and we are speaking to each other.  What is known as a “result”.  Thank you to Jo Millin for providing a really good set of clippers, and appropriate instruction and guidance.


The weather is firmly set with winds from North to North East and anything from force 3 to 6 and a bit.  The wind increases noticeably in the late afternoon when the land effect kicks in.  In theory at sunset the wind should drop.  This certainly has not been the case for the last two nights. 


Bill and Ben, the wind generator men, have been doing an excellent job



Last night they added a noticeable amount of power whilst keeping up with the two fridges, one freezer and the various computer and navigation bits that one requires to leave on overnight.  During the day the solar panels kick in and we have been able to reduce generation from the 3 hours previously required to 1 hour whilst doing all of the kettle boiling and most of the cooking using electricity.  Gas consumption has been minimal and the batteries are being kept a much higher level of charge which should prolong active life.


We had anther easy run down the coast and are anchored off the marina at San Vicente which is just to the south of the Ria de Arosa.  The evening meal was a curry finishing off last nights chicken and the entertainment was provided not by dancing girls but a pod of dolphins – wonderful.