Lovina to Kumai Day 2 - What did we avoid today

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 11 Nov 2015 12:00

Position           04:30.15 S 112.29.45 E

Date                1200 (UTC+8) Wednesday 11 November 2015

Distance run    In 24hrs 153nm over the ground, 152nm though the water

Trip total         278m over the ground, 280m through the water


This was definitely a day of no wind and we motored the whole 24 hours in a calm sea, occasionally getting some benefit from setting sails to use our diesel originated wind.  The major interest of the day was collecting a variety of new and different hazards of the course.  There were of course fishing boats in all shapes and sizes, non with AIS and with varying radar images, and a significant amount of commercial shipping.  The Java Sea has some major shipping routes with Singapore as the focus at the western end.


Something new - We snuck in ahead of this crossing traffic


To explain the photograph.  The tug on the right is towing the barge on the left joined together by a 400 meter tow line.  The ship travelling right to left is between us and the tug and tow.  The ship had AIS but the tug did not.  It did give a good radar picture.  This was not a one off and we saw a further two tug and tows in the 24 hours all travelling towards Java.


A wildlife visit livened up the late afternoon when a swift not only flew round the boat but through a number of times.  The agility of these small birds in confined spaces is absolutely amazing.  It seemed unfazed by my presence and having checked things out and had a meaningful chirrup it went on its happy way.  I was rather hoping that we might have picked up a hitchhiker.


The first thing that the Mate noticed when she came up at 0730 was a row of small fishing floats.  These extended a good 500m side to side of our path with the ends being marked by a float and flag.  They were impossible to see at much more than 300 meters.  We certainly would not wish to have trawled that lot.