ARC Day 7 - Where the flying fishes play

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 28 Nov 2010 10:21

Position           18:16.67N 025:15.01W

Date                2359 UTC Saturday 27 November 2010


We gave up the unequal struggle at 0730 this morning and in 2-3 knots of wind put the motor on. This gave us 7 knots in the right direction.  At 1400 a little wind, mainly generated by our forward motion, allowed us to put up the main, the mizzen already having been left up to help stability, and this meant that we could do getting on for 8 knots.  Then at 1700 out went the genoa and the revs were reduced form 1400 to 1250 with speed of 7 knots.  At 1730 and after ten hours motoring we actually switched off the engine and could make 6 knots.  Sorry if this sounds silly but after two days of no progress and speeds of 2 knots it is quite wonderful.


I am in disgrace as tasked with getting a cottage pie out of the freezer I retrieved a lasagne.  This was not helped by the fact that the packet was clearly marked lasagne. Whoops! The attack of wind will improve matters.  I got 15 1/2 bottles of Rioja as a freebee with some sparkling white that I bought in Las Palmas so one of those was sacrificed to go with the Cottage Lasagne.  Clutching victory from the jaws of defeat.


A highlight for me today was our first sighting of flying fish and a very good flying display it was.  There must have been something very hungry just below the surface; time for fishing?