OCC Rally Day 4 - Holbrook Island and Castine

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 21 Aug 2013 12:15

Position           44:22.85N 068:47.01W

Date                1315 (EDT) Wednesday 21 August 2013


Passage Run – 3nm – 3nm over the ground and 500 metres as the seagull flies


A couple that we have met for the first time on the rally are Phil and Andrea May on their Catana catamaran Anastasia.



  They have recently completed the World Arc 2012 Rally which is the event that we are signed up for in January 2014.  They make very interesting and good company.  They also have a large centre console dinghy with a large outboard and have been very generous in the provision of fast ad dry transport starting this morning with the mile journey to the landing jetty on Holbrook Island.


Holbrook Island is held in trust for the enjoyment of the public and made a great venue for a leisurely ramble.  Judging by the volume the tongues were more exercised than the limbs.


Re-embarking we made the voyage out of Holbrook Bay and around into Castine Harbour to anchor opposite the town in Smiths Cove; all of 500 metres in a direct line but 3 nm to avoid the bumpy bits.


Phil and Andrea kindly produced the transport again and we took a self guided walking tour around Castine.


The ladies assaulting (or insulting?) Fort George in Castine


Dice Head at the entrance of Castine Harbour.


We walked to Dice Head overland.  In 1779 US forces assaulted up this from a beach landing.  Whilst the landing was successful the subsequent military action was not and resulted in a withdrawal and large loss of US ships and equipment.

Returning from our walk we were able to partake of the odd beer whilst listening to a concert on the quay.  Following the concert we repaired to Dysart’s Wharf for a meal.


Dysart’s Wharf – do not go there unless there is no alternative.  Their selection of beer was very good with excellent paddle tasters.  The service was great and friendly.  The food was expensive with very small portions and was decidedly second hand.  Not good value for money and almost unlike anything that we have experienced previously in the USA.