Little Harbour, Peter Island

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 18 Apr 2011 15:00

Position           18:21.22N 64:36.10W

Date                1600 – 18 April 2011 – am 23 April 2011


No wind, so it was a motor down to Peter Island and Little Harbour. This is a delightful spot and one of the few in the Caribbean where it is the custom to drop an anchor and take a stern line ashore.  We brought our previous boat, Caduceus (II) a Jeanneau 43DS on a Sunsail owners’ scheme, here on its first charter in May 2001;



and now just short ten years on we are back with Caduceus (III).



Little harbour is mostly quiet, depending on the habits of other boats and has a great view to the west making a good spot for sundowners.



I cannot believe that I did not take a sunset shot, this will have to do.  We stayedfive days here during which time we were joined by Celia and Andrew on Alice and John and Laura Salmon on Rainmaker, an Oyster Lightwave and fellow ARC boat,  with whom we spent some very pleasant evenings during our stay here.


I also over two days removed the marine growth from the bottom of the boat.  I can now manage to squeeze 1 hour 30 minutes out of a tank which made the scrub a three hour job.  The extended time is greatly assisted by not being very deep and a sucker handle device that gives a grip on the boat whilst scrubbing which reduces the effort and hence extends the underwater time.  1½ hours underwater in one day is quite enough and very tiring.  However we once again have a smooth bottom which should help with the forthcoming journey to the USA via Bermuda.