Southbound Day 4 - Scituate via the Cape Cod Canal to Wings Neck

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 4 Sep 2012 17:20

Position           41:41.03N 070:38.34W

Date                18:20 Tuesday 4 September 2012


Today the starting plan was to change the generator impellor, yesterday it started to cut out due to over heating, always a sign of it requiring an impellor change, and then motor to Plymouth some 15 miles further on our way to the Cape Cod Canal.


Not only was it raining and dull but the weather forecast for Wednesday looked fairly unpleasant so having finished the generator job by 11:30 we decided to push on and catch the afternoon tide through the Cape Cod Canal and sit out the foul weather in Wings Neck.


Of course the forecast south east wind wasn’t quite that and navigation was made easy by just motoring directly into the wind for most of the time  although a double reefed main well pulled over to windward did produce some lift later in the day.


The tide pushed us through the canal at a steady 3 knots and in the absence of a free mooring of suitable size in Pocasset Harbor we anchored just outside the mooring field at 18:20.


Smoked haddock in cheese sauce provided the sustenance.  I am suspicious of exactly how much haddock the Mate has secreted in the freezer, there appears to be a bottomless supply; not that I am complaining as it is a favourite.