Ready for the off to Bermuda, brought forward

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 29 Apr 2011 17:00

Position           18:27.34N 64:26.50W

Date                1800 – 29 April 2011


The original intention was to return to Foxy’s and join Let it Be and others watching the Royal Wedding.   We then had an idea to dive a site in Brewer’s Bay that looked interesting.


Discussions with Rainmaker, Alice and studying the weather maps however made it obvious that we should leave for Bermuda as soon as possible and whilst the easterly trade winds were still blowing.


We therefore made a reasonably early start and motored the 8 miles directly into the wind to Marina Cay where we were able to fill with diesel and to have the obligatory shot with the Pusser’s Store telephone box – apparently the door is new this week as a replacement for one that either dropped off or got stolen.



It was then a short hop across to Trellis Bay, where Alice was on a mooring, for a council of action with Andrew and Celia who had just offloaded their son and friends at the neighbouring Beef Island airport – and watched “The Wedding”; jealousy!


The net move was across the Drake Channel to anchor off Spanish Town to clear out, fill gas cylinders and do a final shop.  Wedding?  We should have guessed that it was a public holiday and whilst the shop was open, Hawk the gas man was asleep but at least he was at his store, but the customs and immigration was most certainly closed.


Bless the duty port officer who could not have been more helpful and charming.  Within 20 minutes an off duty customs officer appeared, opened up and cleared both ourselves and Alice, who had left me with their papers whilst they organised gas.


The day got better.  Celia and I retired to the marina bar to await the return of Andrew and Elizabeth and were able to watch the second half of the wedding and carriage procession wedding rerun on the bar television.


Returning to the yachts we look good and ready to be off at 1800, some day and a half in advance of the original plan.