Singapore to Langkawi Day 2 - Port Dickson Nil and Pangkor 1

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 7 Dec 2015 10:50

Position           04:13.83 N 100:32.45 E

Date                1050 (UTC+8) Monday 7 December 2015

Distance run    In 22 hrs 10 minutes 147nm over the ground, 144nm though the water

Trip total         302nm over the ground, 282nm through the water


Well Port Dickon did not work out for us.  It was Sunday, the nearby ATM’s would only work with a 6 digit PIN number so no cash.  No cash, no taxi, no taxi no trip for clearance.  And another marina development that was dying on its feet.  Solution bug out at 1240 after staying for all of 2 hours and head north to clear in in Penang.


And of course there was another overnight passage in the Malacca Straits!  It seems to get more exciting the further north you go as lane discipline gets weaker.  Passing Port Klang was achieved just before darkness fell which was definitely a bottleneck with dozens of ships anchored inshore of us and a steady passage of traffic into and out of the huge anchorage.


Midnight saw a choppy disturbed sea with a couple of hours of sailing but generally motoring in little or no useable wind.  We had the odd interesting encounter with fishing boats but managed to keep away from them with a couple of close encounters at 100m with a great deal of flashing of our large spotlight to make the point that we were there.  I am minded of my first blue water trip when rounding Cape Finisterre in fog the skipper put two parachute flares in the cockpit with instructions to fire them at the bridge of any ship that came too close – “Aim just above the sign saying ‘No Smoking’ for maximum effect” was Lt Col John Sheepshank’s instruction – definitely of the old school and a great skipper.


Dawn arrived before we got too involved with inshore fishing and we dropped anchor off the holiday island of Pangkor at 1050.



An end of net line marker – now work out which way the net goes!



Need a larger fishing boat, just add another storey – metacentres are for wimps



Anchored off a beach at Pangkor and a source of jet skis, banana boats and the like

Busy but not a real problem as they go home in the late afternoon