49:24.47N 4:25.45W 22:00 Saturday 10 July 2010 Towards Ushant

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:29

Andrew jumped ship at 07:00 and helped us from shore-side to get underway.  We will miss having him around as we have seen a great deal of him over the last month and as well as enjoying his company his assistance in both packing and helping sort computer issues at home and on-board have been invaluable.


AS usual navigation was easy, just head into the wind – on the nose towards the Inshore Traffic Zone off Ushant.  To help things along the weather piped up to force 5-6 and the sea was lively enough to test Elizabeth’s sea-sick remedies.


Crossing the two traffic lanes between the Casquets and Ushant was interesting; it certainly makes you appreciate just how much traffic goes up and down the channel.