To Luganville, Santos and the Aore Island Resort

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 7 Oct 2014 05:06

Position           15:32.27S 167:10.80E

Date                1710 (UTC +11) Sunday 5 October 2014


Distance run – 69.9nm over the ground, 71.6nm through the water

Time from Port Sandwich – 11hr 5mins


We sat out a day of constant rain before deciding to move on north to Espiritu Santo.  We definitely seem to have arrived in the rainy season.


70 miles is about a safe maximum for a daylight sail hereabouts and required a 0600 departure which got us onto a mooring off the Aore Island Resort opposite the port of Luganville well before dusk.  The weather was definitely grey and wet but we did have some excellent wind for most of the time once it had, as per forecast, gone around to the east.


Aore Island lies off the south east coast of the Island of Espiritu Santo (Santos)


We were followed in by Pacific Cool, Bill and David Shaproski, who had started in Ambryn and Firefly, Paul and Susie Ellis both of whom arrived after dark.  Pacific Cool I helped find a mooring, using the dinghy.  There was no mooring for Firefly but there was one due to come free the following morning so they alongside us for the night and came to share our coq au vin and, courtesy of Paul, some very nice Talisker,