San Blas Day 6 - Nearly there

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 14 Jan 2014 18:20
Position 09:54.07N 078:48.07W
Date 1200 (EST) Tuesday 14 January 2014

Approximately 19nm from the San Bas Islands
Days run 151nm - Distance over the ground 146nm

Our GRIB file downloads of wind forecasts have been spot on with the
expected 25-30 knot winds powering us on a bouncy beam reach until 1800 and
then the wind going round to the stern and lightening until by 1000 this
morning we were not making enough speed to get us into Porvenir, San Blas
before nightfall. By noon the wind was down to 5 knots which is not really
enough to get us anywhere meaningful. Just to help life along there is a
westerly going adverse current of up to 2 knots but we do have with a large
but benign following sea to give us the illusion of speed. Five hours of
moderate rev engine to the rescue should get us into our destination
anchorage by Porvenir Island by 1600.

By noon we were also seeing AIS targets in the San Blas Archipelago
including a small cruise ship (190m). Apparently they cannot let all of the
passengers ashore at one go or the island will sink.

The Mate and I have definitely been ships that pass in the day and night but
in between being bounced around we have both managed reasonable rest and do
not feel shattered.

Highlight of yesterday afternoon was a large pizza which provided lunch and
dinner in one meal and went down very well.