A week's work and then escape to St Anne

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 18 Feb 2011 18:00

Position           14:26.16N 60:53.24W

Date                1800 – 18 February 2011


We have had a busy and successful week in Le Marin with all of the jobs ticked off.


We now have working air conditioning in the saloon, useful in marinas when we have shore power,; the water maker has updated software and now appears to be less temperamental – it has always worked but sometimes would take 3-4 attempts to lock in; the sails have had the UV damage to the edges repaired; and the VHF radio has been replaced – we were having problems with receive sensitivity.  In addition there has been cleaning and a gearbox oil change by ourselves and we have taken advantage of Carrefour for provisioning.


Air conditioning helped keep the temperature on the boat under control.  It was however wonderful escape the confines of the marina for a weekend of recovery in St Anne.


We intend to spend the weekend here and then move back to St Lucia for a few days and to take up our prize weekend at the Windjammer Landing Resort.