Visiting family in Johannesburg for Oliver's first birthday

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 19 Dec 2016 22:00

Date                         17 to 19 December 2016


We were able to break our journey back to Cape Town with a stop in Johannesburg staying with our son in law Stuart’s parents Anthony and Tessa.  It was a busy weekend that started with a lovely dinner at home with Anthony and Tessa’s friends Rob and Glynis.  Sunday got off to an early start with a 7 o’clock service at St Luke’s Church, where Alice and Stuart in 2012 had the Blessing Ceremony after their wedding in Coggeshall.  Moving on it was over to Andrew and Debbie’s, Stuart’s brother and sister in law, where we were celebrating their son Oliver’s first birthday.  Lots of excited children, all under five years old was a reminder of times gone by for us.


Andrew and Oliver inspecting the cake


Andrew, Debbie and Oliver


For the family album left to right

Robert, Anthony and Tessa Thornton-Smith, Martin Bevan, Robert’s girlfriend Sam, Elizabeth, Andrew, Debbie and Oliver Thornton-Smith and the rear half of Staffie Athena


On Sunday evening we attended a festival of christmas music and carols at St Luke’s.  It was an excellent warm summer’s evening.  A little different from carol’s around the christmas tree in Market End, Coggeshall.



A festival of Christmas music and carols at St Luke’s Church


Monday came around all too quickly and it was time to say goodbye.  Anthony and Tessa delivered us to the airport for our flight back to Cape Town.  We had a wonderful and companionable weekend which we greatly enjoyed.


Farewell in a busy airport