Singapore to Langkawi Day 1 - Out into the Malacca Straits to Port Dickson

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 6 Dec 2015 10:20

Position           02:28.56 N 101:50.74 E

Date                1020 (UTC+8) Sunday 6 December 2015

Distance run    In 23 hrs 40 minutes 155nm over the ground, 139nm though the water

Trip total         155nm over the ground, 139nm through the water


We listened to the advice of other cruiser which varied from anchoring every night to following a tug and barge and allowing it to clear a path and decided that we really did not like the sound of the various anchorages on the Malaysian coast and would sail overnight to cover the 155nm to Port Dickson where there was a marina and the possibility of clearing into Malaysia.  Our solution was to sail up the inside, eastern edge of the main shipping channel thus staying out of the way of the large commercial shipping but outside of slower barge traffic and any fishing vessels.  This worked well for his first night although the constant stream of merchant ships thundering past could be disconcerting.  We had the benefit of some wind and the problem of squalls with torrential rain and zero visibility.  Thank goodness for AIS and radar.


Clearing out of Singapore was painless as for a small fee the marina took care of everything with the exception of immigration and them we met afloat with a reverse procedure to that on arrival with a launch on station to clear the paperwork.



Goodbye One 15 Marina and Santosa Island, Singapore


We had an enormous benefit from current, more by luck than better judgement and this gave us 16nm of unearned distance.  It could easily have been the other way around; we never did figure out when it was supposed to flow where.


Dodgems getting out to the Malacca Straits



The approach to Port Dickson where we did not stay long